La Maddalena Archipelago: Daily Boat Tour

  • Rental duration: about 8 hours
  • Maximum number of participants: 1-12
  • Rental type: exclusive and private use of the boat for the rental group, with skipper included. Or optionally – always with skipper included – shared use of the boat with other guests.
  • Departure and return time: approximately 9: 00-17: 00
    * Private excursions organized by EcF are also customizable in duration. Departure time can be agreed according to your needs.
  • Cost: Prices vary according to the number of participants, the date, the service chosen, as well as on the choice between a private or shared tour. Find out more and CONTACT US for a personalized quote.
  • Flexibility and customization: La Maddalena Archipelago daily boat tour can continue with a fantastic boat aperitif at sunset! Book it now together with the day trip: organizing it in time allows us to offer you the best of our services.

Our full day boat trip to La Maddalena Archipelago

Treat yourself to a special and carefree day in the name of the sea and the most authentic relaxation. Dive into the turquoise shades of a true natural paradise, among the secrets of its unique views. Get excited with La Maddalena Archipelago daily boat tour by Emerald Cruises Freedom.

A full day private boat trip for exclusive use with skipper awaits you, without time constraints or pre-established itineraries, in full freedom to choose the beaches and coves to reach for your dream excursion. At your disposal you will have an expert guide of the sea: our captain with years of experience in the sector of navigation and boat tours, who will be able to advise you on the best islands to visit and the ideal route to make the most of the experience on board.

Your excursion is private, but also exclusive, personalized and customizable. At your convenience we will arrive and stop as long as you want in the most famous beaches of the Archipelago and in its most ambitious scenarios. Or we will reach enchanting secret coves and natural pools unknown to most. Rely on EcF and the islands of La Maddalena will have no more secrets for you.

* To guarantee maximum privacy, we will avoid as much as possible areas where crowds can arise due to the presence of big boats and tourist tours for large groups.

► Do you want to alternate the excursion with an ice cream break in La Maddalena, a lunch in its characteristic historic center, a walk through the alleys of the ancient fishing village, and then return to the islands and beaches?

With EcF everything is possible, even living the experience of a boat aperitif at sunset; make a marriage proposal on a boat; surprise your partner with an honeymoon gift or celebrate a special event such as bachelor party or hen-bachelorette party. Tell us your needs: we will do our best to make your wishes come true. Discover our boat rental service for private events & party!

Travel ideas for a daily tour by boat to La Maddalena islands

Based on your preferences, on the skipper advices and in favorable weather and wind conditions, during La Maddalena daily boat tour we will visit 5 or 6 islands of your choice.

  • Do you know Cala Brigantina in Caprera; Cala Portese; Cala Serena; Cala Caprarese and Cala Garibaldi? The latter takes its name from the italian historic hero who spent the last glorious years of his life in Caprera. The wild Caprera island is waiting to be discovered and next to the famous Cala Coticcio, also known as Thaiti for the incredible transparency of its sea, there are dreaming beaches and coves, characterized by a colorful, fragrant and uncontaminated nature. Let’s find out together.
  • Spargi, an island characterized by soft white sand beaches, will enchant you. We can reach Cala Soraya, which takes its name from Princess Soraya of Persia and whose color of the sea – it is said – would reflect the turquoise and bewitching eyes of the ruler; Cala Granara; Cala Corsara; Cala dell’Amore, where the rocks smoothed by the wind and the sea plunge into crystal clear waters, offering a romantic setting for lovers. One of the symbols of Spargi is the Strega rock, a rocky conformation with “magical” and unmistakable features.
  • The main attraction of Budelli island is the Pink beach, and we will not fail to admire it. We will reach the natural pools; Porto della Madonna; Passo del Topo and Passo degli Asinelli: crystal clear water mirrors unique in the world characterized by shallow waters and “infinite” turquoise shades.
  • The wild Razzoli island, very close to Corsica, is a concentration of naturalistic beauties not to be missed. We will lead you to the discovery its secrets, its emerald green sea and the fragrance of helichrysum meadows. The characteristics of our RIB allows to get closer to the coast to admire the CARRUGGHJ (narrow seaways along the coast) as well as the famous “chains” sculpted over time by the sea and the wind, keepers of the secrets and stories of ancient sailors and famous local fishermen. In this regard, the story of “Squarciò” is curious and fascinating: we will tell you about.
  • The tour can include Santo Stefano island, the least traveled by tourist tours, which has nothing to envy to the other islands of La Maddalena Archipelago in terms of natural beauty. Moreover, it is rich in history: just think of its characteristic military forts, including Fort Napoléon or Forte San Giorgio, dating back to 1773. The flagship of the island is Baia del Pesce, accompanied by other secret glimpses of paradise that will be proposed to complete this unforgettable day.
  • Do you want to visit Santa Maria island, its wonderful lighthouse and Cala Grande, characterized by fine sand and a clear sea that caresses its shores? We will go on an exploration of its beauties.

Do you have doubts about where to go? Our skipper is at your disposal at any time of the cruise to give you the best advice.

You will choose the timing of the stops, decide if you want to relax in the sun, go snorkeling or bathe in the clear and turquoise waters of La Maddalena. We want you to feel pampered and we will try to fulfill your wishes to offer you an unforgettable excursion. Let’s study the best itinerary together, contact us for more info and tell us your preferences.

If at the end of the full day boat trip you want to take a walk in La Maddalena, have dinner in one of the best restaurants on the island, we can accompany you to the quay of the port and you can continue the day or evening independently at will. To change clothes and refresh you can use the cabin and the bathroom on our boat, which are perfect for going from a sea tour to a walk on land. For the return to Palau, even late in the evening, you can take advantage of numerous ferries.

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