Covid-19 update. Detailed infos on the security protocol by Emerald Cruises on boat trips during summer holidays 2020 in Sardinia, to protect people’s health against Coronavirus.

In order to implement suitable prevention to protect people’s health and to limit the spread Covid-19, our boat surfaces will be subjected to a sanitization procedure, as required by the current law. After each tour, our team will start an ozone and dry steam sanitization cycle inside the internal spaces; Napisan spray and Amuchina with active ingredient based on sodium hypochlorite will be applied on the internal and external surfaces. Last but not least, our skipper and all guests will be equipped with masks and gloves if necessary, as required by current Italian health law.

We care about your safety.

Before arriving in Sardinia, consult Covid-19 updates on Sardinia Region official website. Moreover, we suggest to follow the generic prevention and containment rules to prevent infection imposed by WHO and the Italian State.

For further information consult Italian Ministry of Transport guidelines about bathing and maritime transport and people’s health protection from Coronavirus.

noleggio Rib cabinato con skipper Nord Sardegna

Frequently asked questions about our boat tours to La Maddalena Archipelago and Costa Smeralda: all you need to know

To give answer to the most frequently asked questions about our tours we have drawn up a usefull back-and-forth. Please, have a look and search the answers to your questions here below. For any other information we’re at your disposal!

What kind of tour does Emerald Cruises offers?

Emerald Cruises offers private daily tours in maxi RIB inflatable boat of about 8 hours, during which you will sail along the coasts of La Maddalena Archipelago and the homonymous National Park to admire cities and visit the islands. During the cruise, the main stages of our boat will be beaches sheltered from winds and coves for snorkelling, sunbathing or swimming. Our tours are private so as to guarantee a group of people (from the same nucleus) from 1 to 12 the opportunity to enjoy the cruise experience at its best, Without problems or discussions regarding the itinerary to follow (or to continue) due to the presence of people who are not part of your group or who boarded from other harbours.

What kind of boat “Freedom” is?

Emerald Cruises fleet is expanding and we currently have a brand new and comfortable RIB BWA 34 ‘ called “Freedom” (semi-rigid inflatable boat) 10 mt long, 3.62 mt wide, equipped with two 300 HP Mercury engines that ensure very high performance and low fuel consumption.

I have a boating license. can we rent the boat and drive it alone?

No you can’t. Our expert skipper Daniele, included in the tour price, is the only person authorized to drive the boat. Thanks to this, Emerald Cruises guarantee to its guests hight security levels and peace of mind during the cruise experience, without having to think about driving the boat. Daniele gained 25 years of experience in the field of boat excursions and knows very well La Maddalena Archipelago seabed, as well as its dangers. He is a professional guide, he does his job with great passion and knows how to make your experience unique. Of course you can choose all tour stages with him, listen to his tips and customize the itinerary as you wish.

What are the departure and return times?

Our exclusive private tours are fully tailored: together, we will always find the best solution to guarantee an unforgettable cruise. However, our suggestion is to embark no later than 9: 00/9: 30 in the morning, while the return is scheduled for about 18. This timetable allows to reach the most famous places for first, without running into marine traffic or into many people on the beaches. Moreover, our tour is designed precisely to avoid large numbers of people, trying to reach the least crowded places as soon as possible, even in high season. Our tour, will always be a type of cruise that avoids crowds. This is guaranteed.

Do Emerald Cruises tours also depart from other turistic ports than La Maddalena and Palau?

Yes they do. The main starting port for the boat tour is La Maddalena or Palau. These are ideal ports because they are close to the islands of La Maddalena Archipelago, and this circumstance allows you to save on fuel consumption. However, on request, Emerald Cruises tours can also leave from Emerald Coast: from the tourist ports of Porto Cervo; Cannigione; Poltu Quatu as well as from hotels sea quays suitable for boarding passengers safely. It is important to underline that starting from different places than La Maddalena and Palau fuel consumption increases, and the reason is the distance from the islands. We recommend driving the car or arriving by taxi to Palau at our boarding point, which will be indicated at booking.

Do you organize taxi transfers?

Upon request, we can get you in touch with local taxi transfer agencies.

I’m pregnant. can i get on the boat?

It is not recommended. The problem could be the sea weather conditions. It can be calm, but sometimes also rough with high waves, or the waves can be caused from other boats passing by. The impacts could cause problems for the child being transported.

Is the tour suitable for children?

On our boat children are welcome, but they must be polite and follow both parental rules and skipper rules.

Is a dog friendly tour?

We love dogs but we cannot get them on the boat because the excursion does not include stages in which it is allowed to let them get off. Keeping them sacrificed all day would not be correct.

Is the boat equipped with a bathroom?

Yes, there is the bathroom. We boast a modern and organized boat, as well as one of the few to have a bathroom separate from the cabin. All this allows you to enjoy every aspect of the cruise in a pleasant way.

Is the boat shaded?

Yes, it’ shaded. Emerald has invested heavily in this aspect: we have added an extra canvas to create shaded areas in case of need. During the stops, if there is no wind you will get more shade in the bow. Our priority is to guarantee our guests maximum comfort.

Is the lunch included in the price?

No, lunch is not included. To have lunch we recommend some restaurants in La Maddalena or close to La Maddalena. These are exclusive places to taste the best of Sardinian cuisine. On request, Emerald Cruises organizes tasty aperitifs on board based on typical Sardinian products. Is a mix of finger food based on sausage, cheese, carasau bread, guttiau bread, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, Vermentino white wine or Cannonau red wine: all in separate containers. Is not a complete lunch as we are not a restaurant, but it is a nice way to give our guests an excellent additional service (the price is separate and upon request). However, you are authorized to bring a packed lunch and eat it on board. At lunchtime we could drive you to a separate cove to enjoy your picnic outdoors.

Should i bring something in particular with me during the boat tour?

If you wish, you can bring a hat, a light jacket and a sunscreen. We do the rest: our boat is equipped with snorkeling masks and soft beach towels. Everything is sanitized after each cruise because, as specified in the paragraph dedicated to Covid-19 updates, we sanitize everything.

Do you provide drinking water on board?

Yes, we provide it. Water is essential, especially during a boat tour. On our cruises you will not need to carry bottles or unnecessary weights: we offer natural and sparkling water, according to your taste. We also have a fridge on board and we provide beer; Coke; Fanta orange soda; Sprite and sofr drinks. These are paid beverages and you can buy them from us during the cruise at reasonable prices.

Is there loud music on board?

No, don’t worry. It is our care and concern to ensure a peaceful and pleasant travel experience. Our boat is equipped with radio and speakers but the chance to listen to music and the type of music is up to you: our staff is at your disposal to make you listen to the music you like best, just ask the skipper. We have a connection, hotspot, WI-FI and a subscription to Spotify that allows you to choose your favorite songs. Ask, don’t be shy, it’s your cruise!

Do you organize half-day tours?

Yes, the request must always be made in advance. With the support of the skipper, you will organize the best tour and a customized itinerary for your needs.

What services/tours do you offer?

La Maddalena Arcipelago Tour (the most coveted), about 8 hours; Corsica Tour, about 8 hours; Emerald Coast Tour with shopping experience in Porto Cervo, about 8 hours; Food and wine experience at sunset on Spargi island, about 4 hours; Wedding proposal on board (on request, totally personalized); Private parties or business parties on the boat (on request, personalized); Romantic dinner on boat under the stars with sushi gourmet experience.

Do i have to book in advance?

It is recommended to book in advance, especially if you want to experience the boat tour in the high season (July and August). To book and complete the rental agreement, a photocopy of the passengers’ identity documents is required. You don’t have to provide a deposit on the tour price. If you want to pay in advance, no problem. Our cancellation policy allows you to move the tour to a different date (if the boat is available) and to cancel the reservation without applying penalties. The cancellation may be due to weather conditions, constantly monitored by the skipper. It is important to know that cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before departure. Please tell us if there are any problems that prevent you from participating in the booked cruise. To not board on the day and date established without any communication is not a correct behavior towards us. In line with the Covid-19 updates, we will keep in touch to inform you about the necessity of additional documents.

How do i find you?

You can book our tours writing an email to or calling our direct number +393286442195. You can also book through our website, using the contact section and the specific online form. All booking requests must be sent through these contact methods. In order to better organize every detail of the cruise, in the booking request is better to specify from which place in Sardinia you come from, in order to study the cruise program at its best. We will help you to reach the embarkation point by providing any useful information. Once on board, you will find the rental agreement already filled out. For this reason, at booking, it is important to provide us your identification documents data, so as not to waste useful time (less bureaucracy, more fun!)

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes we do. To pay THE MERE RENTAL you can use our POS. The accepted circuits are Visa, Mastercard, Bancomat and American Express. We are also available for Government’s cashback initiative.

Do you provide life jakets?

Yes we do. Life jakets are required by law. For this reason our boat is equipped with life jakets and every safety equipment necessary to guarantee high standards.

How do i trace back on board?

The boat is equipped with a comfortable staircase on the aft side side to get back on board. This ensures you to get back on board easily and safely.

Does the tour take place only in italian language?

Our skipper speaks english and italian.

Does the boat reach beaches?

It is forbidden to stop on the beaches with the boat. All the beaches in which you can swim are protected by buoys: for this reason, when we reach them by boat we have to drop anchor outside the buoys. Surely, compared with big boats, our boat is ideal for getting closer to the beaches reaching wonderful and less crowded places.

How do you calculate fuel costs?

In order to ensure maximum transparency on the calculation of fuel costs, we adopted a liter counter (called nautical flow meter). Thanks to it, you are able to know fuel consumption levels and costs contastly. The counter calculation is exact and not fortuitous, so that you can choose if continue the cruise for a long or shor time. To know exactly fuel costs is essential to not have undesiderable surprises at the end of the tour. It will be up to the skipper to inform you, and to decide together how to proceed according to your needs.

Are fuel costs included in the cruise price?

No, they are not included. Fuel costs are calculated by our nautical flow meter or at the fuel filling station after the cruise. Fuel costs will be paid separately from the price of the cruise. Fuel costs must be paid in cash. If you decide to pay directly to our skipper, to no waste your time at the filling station, it will be necessary to give us you email so that we can send you the payment recipt.

Do you practise any discount?

It depends on the period, it could be in high or low season. In some periods we practise discounts, coupons or last minute / second offers. Request more infos contacting us through our contact form on